May 19, 2008

This is...

.... my way of recycling.

We try and recycle & reuse, where we can in our household.

* We have the standard issue bins from the council- the green waste, the recyclables and the rubbish. Our rubbish bin is rarely full, meanwhile our poor recycling bin is always overflowing.

* Our washing machine water goes into a drum outside the laundry window. We bought a pump and attached it to the drum so I can now water the garden and lawn. I used to have to stand outside when the washing machine was going and lug the drain hoses around the yard. Not much fun in chilly winter!

* Brooklyns bath water keeps my pot plants watered.

* I make little toys for Brooklyn using odds and ends that I have floating around the house. At the moment she has a fascination with lids. So I strung a couple of lids from old bottles onto some bright ribbon. She loves it!

* Egg cartons are great for raising seedlings in, as are old milk cartons.

* A friend and I swap some of our old clothes that are still in good condition and turn them into outfits for our little ones. A pair of my old cords recently turned into pants and overalls for her little man.

*And nothing beats going to an op-shop to rummage around for fabric and odds and sods. Here's a little skirt I whipped up for 'Little B' from a pair of woolen trousers.


Lisa said...

So many great ideas! I love the little caps on ribbon.

I love the colours you use in your blog header. So warm and cheery.

ANN said...

it is great to see little ones playing with simple handmade recycled toys. Brooklyn is beautiful.