May 14, 2008

Project of the Week

Play Blocks

I've found it's so hard to keep little people entertained for hours on end with the same old toys. And I hate toys with batteries- ahhh more noise! So here's a little something that I have whipped up for 'Little B'.

Before making them, I thought to myself, "these play blocks look simple to make". However, they turned out to be a little fiddly. Just trying to get the corners right and sewing the numbers on proved fun (something is wrong with my machine tension). They also turned out a lot bigger than I imagined too. Next time I'll make them a lot smaller.
I just used some scrap material I had left over from other projects, jazzed it up with some numbers, ribbons and buttons, put a little rattle inside and 'hey presto'- a cheap, educational and fun toy for Brooklyn. It has kept her entertained so far this morning, so let's hope she's still interested in it later!


Danielle said...

You have done a great job with those blocks. The ribbons and buttons are a nice touch and will keep the littlies interested.

fiona said...

they look fanatastic!love your banner by the way!