July 30, 2008

On my desk...

Only a few things this week. Mainly fabric.

Some pretty florals ready for spring.

Maybe for a pinafore, or a smock, or a skirt.....


So I finally worked out how to put press studs on- well my husband worked it out really. I was give a mixed bag of studs with no instructions and lets say, lots of swearing and cursing trying to figure how they go on.

They're to go on Little B's new bibs I created, as she has a tendency to pull off bibs with Velcro, and then thinks its funny that we scold her for taking it off. *hmph*
And it works. She cant take these bibs off! *yay*

This bib is very easy to make- so I'm toddling off to make some more.

If anyone is interested in measurements, let me know, and I'll put a post up.

July 28, 2008

This is...


... something that made me giggle.

Dirt mustache anyone?

Brooklyn's first real play outside.

We were putting in a new garden bed on Saturday, and Little B not knowing what dirt was, thought she might have a fistful as lunch. *hmmm, crunchy*

July 23, 2008

on my desk...

I've been looking at other peoples 'desks' for so long now, I finally decided to join the 'on my desk' meme- even though my desk is currently the dining room table!

On my desk today, there are a couple of small projects on the go.

I'm designing a wide shouldered bib for B, so when she turns her head with food over her face, she doesn't leave it plastered on the shoulders of her tops. It's coming along nicely. I may even do a tutorial on it later.* hmmm- time factor*

There are also some little birdies just waiting to hatch for 'the mobile.'

The latest edition of ' ottobre design' magazine- there's some absolutely adorable patterns in this edition. Some of which you will see attempted soon.

And lastly, some chocolate brown cotton with gold print I picked up for $1 m. Lovely fabric, just don't know what I'm going to do with it yet.

Pop over to Kirsty's blog and see who else is playing along.

July 22, 2008

flannel flower dress

With not much else to do but stay inside because of this woolly weather, what is one to do? Sew, of course!

This cute little number was fairly simple to make. And I learnt how to make bias tape along the way too. Easy peasy!

The dress is made out of a light-weight denim and is trimmed with a pretty Australian flannel flower print.
The top of the dress is lined with the printed fabric; I covered my own buttons and made the tape trim for the bottom of the dress.

I love this dress because of its simplicity, and will most definitely be making more for 'Little B'. One thing I will do differently next time is move the button holes a wee bit higher (the top bit looks a little 'flappy' to me) and I might play with different pocket styles on the front.

All in all, I think it was a success.

After note: I forgot to mention that the pattern is unfortunately not one of my own, it is 'New Look 6576'.

July 20, 2008

This is...

...what makes me happy.

Apart from the obvious things that make one happy, eg; friends and family, this what makes me the happiest.

A beautiful, warm and sunny day.

My creation
1. all by mother nature, 2. may, 3. blown away, 4. Field of Sunshine, 5. ~ You Are My Sunshine ~, 6. Sunny Side Up, 7. Waitin' On A Sunny Day, 8. sunny boardwalk, 9. Sunny yellow field

It makes me want to get out of bed in the morning.
It puts an extra spring in my step when out for a stroll.
It makes me want to lay on the grass and look up at the few clouds drifting lazily across the sky.
A sunny day makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, and smiley and rosy on the outside.

Thanks to one little acorn for choosing this weeks 'this is' theme, and for making me long for those warm, sunny days again.

July 17, 2008

blue bird hatchling

The first blue bird finally managed to hatch his way into the world today.

The rest in the nest should all be hatching shortly, to join him on the mobile for Brooklyns room.

July 14, 2008

Sherrin's best ever banana bread- version II: gluten free & dairy free

Sherrin once gave me a recipe for 'the best ever banana bread'. I loved this recipe soooo much, so when recently been told I can no longer have wheat and dairy, I was devastated.
"What am I going to eat now?" I moaned. Thinking that life as I new it, was no longer. I just love my cheeses, pastas and cakes too much.

But there is hope for those that are like myself, so I've discovered. There are alternatives. I can now have my banana bread and enjoy it too.

So here is the non gluten and non dairy version of the best ever banana bread.

125g nutelex
1 cup sugar
2 beaten eggs
1/2 cup soy milk
1 tsp bicarb soda
2 cups plain gluten free flour (I used F.G Roberts brand for this recipe)
pinch salt
2 ripe bananas
65g apple puree

Pre heat oven to 160C. (mine's not fan forced)
Cream butter and sugar,
stir in eggs,
mix soy milk and bi carb soda,
add to mix, fold together.
Stir in flour, salt, bananas and apple puree and mix thoroughly.
Pour into greased medium loaf tin.
Bake in oven for about 1.5 hours. Or check with skewer to make sure it is ready.

TaDa! Super easy.

Even easier is when I just put the ingredients in the mixer following those steps above. Leaves only one thing to wash.

Enjoy it! I certainly did!

July 13, 2008

This is...

... what gives me goosebumps.

Polystyrene foam.

Weird, I know. But I just cant stand the stuff!! The sound that it makes when rubbed drives me absolutely insane! It makes my skin crawl and get goosebumpy, and makes my hair stand right on its end.

And the worst thing is that nearly everything is packaged in it.

Eeeek- just the thought of it sends a shiver down my spine. *shudder*

Thanks to Flightless Boyds for this weeks 'this is' theme.

July 10, 2008

winter days

It's freezing cold and bucketing rain.

The heater's set to toasty warm.

Relaxing on my favourite couch.

Cuppa tea and cake in hand.

Knitting something to keep me warmer.

July 8, 2008


Another knitting creation completed. I'm staring to get the hang of this knitting caper.

July 7, 2008

tweet tweet.

On my bloggy travels, I stumble upon countless craftylicious projects. I add them to my favourites list with all intention of doing them, but then find another project to do.

This beautiful & adorable birdy mobile is now on top of my to do list. It comes from here. I think it is just divine and would look stunning in B's room.

July 6, 2008

This is...

... my most precious childhood possession.

As a toddler, my security blanket was a big piece of sheepskin called 'bye byes'. It got lugged around with me everywhere. Mum and dad obviously didn't want me carting this thing around for years, so they started cutting pieces off it making it smaller. They would say it shrunk in the wash. Eventually, I thought 'bye byes' just shrunk and disappeared.

These are the only pieces I have left of 'bye byes'. I think I must still have some attachment to these as I still cant bear to get rid of them after all these years. (yes mum, I still have them).

...my most precious childhood memory.

I loved my little brother to death when I was little. We're still good friends now.

Thanks to Teacups on Treetops for this weeks theme.

July 5, 2008


Unfortunately, it's not DIY craftiness. It's DIY renovations that have been put off for years.

So the sewing machine is temporarily packed away. *sigh*

And I'll be using THIS machine instead over the next couple of days-

to sand off this hideous blue 'suede effect' wall so it can be painted over.

Looks like I'm in for a very long weekend. But cant wait for to see it finally finished!

July 2, 2008

pin cushion

A cute pin cushion just for me.

It was super quick- about an hour, and easy to make. I don't know why I never made one sooner!

No more trying to fish around for pins in a plastic jar.

The pattern for this cutie comes from here.

July 1, 2008

on the move

From stationary, idle, sedentary being


inquisitive, mobile, dust collecting caterpillar.

(and the gorgeous dress comes from starashan. Go see.)