April 25, 2009

the beginnings....

.... of something I've been wanting to do for AGES....

...selling my handmade goodies.

So to start right at the start, here is my new logo.

And the rest will hopefully follow soon.

April 5, 2009


On a weekend escape we did go,
to kickback, relax and take it slow.

To get in touch with nature again,
and a little tent to call our den.

A crackling fire to keep warm at night,
Cooking marshmallows- a simple delight.

So sad that our time must end,
but we'll be back- just don't know when.

A collection of photos from our weekend at the Grampians

April 2, 2009

winter pinnie

The sewing machine got a dust off, and was put to work making the first of Brooklyn's 'winter pinnies'.
I'm not one for dressing little girls all in pink, so to find some girly fabric with blues, purples and greens was a welcome sight.

This was made using a printed cord fabric (from spotlight), and simply embellished with a satin ribbon on the waist line.
I think it looks quite cute. Girly and pretty- and no pink!