May 18, 2008

Another makes a pair

I wasn't going to make any more soft play blocks for a while...but my husband suggested I make another block like a dice so 'Little B' can match the other one with numbers to the new one with dots. She's only seven months old, so I don't think she'll be matching dots to numbers any time soon!
This block was a bit rushed and wonky. Brooklyn doesn't seem to mind though- as long as she can chew on it and it makes noise, all is ok.

And I'm still having trouble with machine tension. Maybe it's time for a new machine *sigh*.

I'll be back for this weeks 'this is...' later.


fiona said...

I had had it with my dodgy tension.I fiddled and stuffed around.I finaly gave in and bought a new(second hand) machine!best thing i ever did!love your blocks!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Wow! These are gorgeous! I love all the things hanging off them as well.

ANN said...

Fantastic.... Luv the colours. Maybe hubby will buy you a new machine.