August 19, 2008

tutorial tuesday

for the littlies.

This week I've listed six simple tutorials to create something adorable for your smallest member of the family.

Cloth Baby Shoes- Stardust Shoes
These shoes are super easy to make and make great gifts for those friends having new bubs. Leni and Rose makes these shoes in some stunning colours. Head over here to see her lovely shoes.

Girls Twirly Skirt- House on Hill Road
This skirt is just adorable, and looks so easy to make. Another on my to do list.

Kimono Wrap Top- Habitual
I have been wanting to make this top for ages. I just haven't found the right fabric yet.

Easiest Baby Hat- Radical Cross Stitch
Seriously- the easiest hat-ever!

Baby Tag Blanket- Craft Blog
I have made this blanket a couple of times. But instead of using chenille or baby fleece on the back, I use a satin ( or similar) material. I find babies love the feel of satin between their fingers.

Umbrella Stroller Blanket- Joy Bucket
What a great idea! No more cold knees! I'll be making this one too.

See you next Tuesday for more tutorials.


cindy said...

What a great collection of tuts. Thanks.

handmaiden said...

Thanks for sharing these and putting them all together in one handy post

Leni and Rose said...

Hey cool, thanks for mentioning me!!! I'm going to have a crack at the pram blanket. Looks cute and I really need to practice my crap binding skills!

Suzy said...

Thanks for sharing - they are great tutorials. I have tried the shoes before, but the others are all new to me.