August 2, 2008

candy stripe pants

After making the flannel flower dress, enough material was left over to make another creation.

So after much deliberation, pants it was.



The material is a lovely light-weight denim, and I teamed it up with some fun candy stripe fabric that I had floating around the place. They are a nice and baggy fit which is good for little people who are become extremely active.
And so quick and easy to make too. No more than 2 hours, I'd say. So instead of sitting in front of the telly at night, whip up a cute pair of pants!


CurlyPops said...

How sweet...I love the matching cuff and pcket detail..

Leni and Rose said...

Very cute, love them!!

frannieannie said...

Cute pants. Cant wait to see little B in them. Have you thought about making a little top to match the jeans?