August 18, 2008

this is...

... how I like to spend my weekend.

This is not normally how I spend my weekend, but last weekend we headed off to Mt Bulla for some R&R without the 'littlies'.

We spent some time trying to learn how to snowboard, with not much success, and battled with some terrible conditions.

Photo credit: Travis Meredith

And then decided to spoil ourselves by meandering our way up to the King River Valley and stopping in to a few wineries for a couple of beverages, and to enjoy the views.

Oh- If every weekend could be this good.....


CurlyPops said...

I think I prefer part 2 of your weekend....much more relaxing.

Leni and Rose said...

I looooove skiing! Missed last season due to Miss M being born, missed this season due to 'can't get it together to organise' syndrome...maybe next year, hopefully!!!

I'm sooooo jealous!!!

Kirsty said...

Oooh it all looks wonderful - what a gorgeous weekend.