August 6, 2008

square bib tutorial

My first tutorial. Let me know how I go.

You will need:

126 cm bias tape/binding
13 cm twill tape
1 press stud kit
30 cm ribbing
matching thread
and your usual sewing supplies & machine

  • Cut out the pattern.

  • When it comes to cutting out the hole for the neck, I use as cup that is about 7cm across and trace around it. (much easier than trying to draw a circle).

  • Pin bias tape/binding around all edge of the bib, except for the hole for the neck. Trim off any excess. Sew into place.

  • Pin ribbing around neck hole and sew into place.
  • Fold twill tape almost in half, and tuck in all edges as shown. (This is where my machine played up, so sorry no photos of any more sewing from here). Sew around edge of twill tape.
  • Attach one side of the press stud onto end of twill tape.
  • Sew twill tape into desired position on bib.
  • Mark on bib where the opposite press stud is to go. Attach onto bib.

My model was sleeping, so teddy had to do the finished demo.

TaDa. Bib is complete. Now how easy was that!


Sherrin said...

great tutorial Hannah! :o) Someone small here is in need of some new bibs...

CurlyPops said...

Great tutorial...nice and simple with great pictures. I've never sewed with towelling before, might have to try it...and of course I love the pretty bias tape.

Jenaveve said...

Wow, you are the best.

Did I mention you are the best? Great tute! I can't wait to try it... Love all the step-by-step pics. Yay!!

Leni and Rose said...

Excellent! Very clear instructions and photos. I'll be giving it a go. Thanks!

frannieannie said...

Great pictures and tutorial. Well done. Considering you have recently learnt to sew, you have come up with some excellent work...... especially the evening dress. So proud of you.