June 10, 2008

This is....

... my favourite travel memory.

I'm a bit late posting this week, as we've only just walked in the door from our relaxing week away visiting my in-laws.

Favourite travel memories- a tricky theme this week from your covers blown, as I have truly seen some spectacular places of which the memories still linger.

I lived in Brasil for 12 months in 1999, and did some amazing travelling around the country. Brasil is so rich in culture, has beautiful architecture, and the people are the friendliest I've ever met.

1.The famous ( and i think VERY overrated) Rio de Janerio. 2.A small Brasilian country town; Ouro Preto

Another awesome memory is a SCUBA diving trip to Palau in 2005. One of the perks of being the manager of a SCUBA diving facility is taking trips overseas. This was my first dive trip and was lucky to be at such a lush tropical oasis.

And of course, I cant forget our eloping to Fiji in 2006.
On the quiet north coast of Fiji there are hardly any tourists which is what we wanted, and to do some SCUBA diving as well. The resort was awesome, extremely quiet (no kids) and not many people were around during the day as they were off diving. We thought we might as well get married while we're there too.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I'd love to spend a decent amount of time in Brazil. What an amazing experience you must have had!

The scuba diving trips look great as well, another thing that I want to do one day.

Beautiful wedding photo!

Leni & Rose said...

Wow - we did the same thing! Eloped and got married in Mauritius and did some amazing diving! We're heading over to Fiji in August (hopefully) for some diving - any recommended dive sites?

Hila said...

These are just fabulous photos - the only other place I've seen the water this clear and blue is in Australia!