June 13, 2008

I love Red

I don't know what it is about red that I'm drawn to, but I just love it. It makes me feel lively.

An article on the 'psychology of colour' says the following about red:

passionate, strong, energetic, fiery, sexual, exciting, natural leader, powerful, dangerous, angry aggressive, extreme & intense

1. Summer Berries Red Current01, 2. The red one, 3. String of red glass beads - spiral, 4. Bloody Red, 5. FELT FLOWER RED TOTE, 6. Red shoes, 7. How much more red could this be?, 8. Zipper Pouch - Red Stripes, 9. Hues of Red Waves, 10. The Red Bridge, 11. Red pom poms, 12. April CCswap, 13. Red 1.0, 14. crafting 365: 73 - for Carol, 15. "English Garden" red hand-painted pendant, 16. Red tulips Wrangels 30 april, 17. red and aqua, 18. Birthday Girl with a Red Charlotte, 19. April CCswap - handmade item, 20. pink | red | orange, 21. Minami Necklace, 22. small happy red fleece poofy, 23. Red One, 24. Red State BLue State Necklace, 25. red beads, 26. water in red, 27. Red and white Yoyo Garland, 28. Handmade Brooch Bird red pink orange Flower, 29. Red fabrics from Purl Soho, 30. Red currant * Красная смородина * Grosella * Ribes * Groselha * Groseille rouge * Rote Johannisbeeren, 31. Cherry Drop Earrings-Vintage Plastic Beads and Handmade Copper Ear Wires, 32. Red knot stitch, 33. red corduroy overlook zippy, 34. 'neath the blood red canopy..., 35. Handmade Red Japanese Chainmaille Flower Charm, 36. red seed beads


Sherrin said...

lovely mosaic! I love red too. :o)

Hila said...

I love red too - and I've always thought there was something romantic about red scarves, which is why I have about a million of them!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That's some serious red yumminess! Red is my favourite colour too.