June 3, 2008

My new love!

Good bye ol' faithful. We had a great relationship, short lived, but full of fun. I'm sorry- it's time for me to move on.

When I saw the new, younger version of you, I just had to have him. He's so much more sleek and stylish, and does much more than you ever could. Anyway, I'd like you to meet Bert- my new love.

Bert is my new birthday present (which is still weeks away yet). But if I was to attempt to make this ball dress, ol' faithful would have groaned at the thought.
Well, I'm off to break Bert in. *hehehe*


Sherrin said...

be gentle, Hannah, it's not always treat em mean keep em keen... hehehe

yay for the new machine! :o) :o)

CurlyPops said...

Bert looks amazing....very sleek and special. I can't wait to see what you can whip up now!

Sharon said...

Bert's one goodlooking dude, I'm sure he'll do you proud! (oo-er missus!;) That dress is going to be amazing-please post pictures!

Leni and Rose said...

I must tell you, Bert is FANTASTIC!!! I just bought him as well and I loooove him!!!!

Danielle said...

Oooooh Bert is very handsome and stylish! Am sure he will do lovely work on your ball dress.

Shellbells said...

wow I just got one of those too...am a newbie at sewing though so will take me awhile before I can brake my boy in!!! You must have great taste..lol