June 20, 2008

knitting help

I have to be the most gamy- handed knitter in the world!

As I'm a self taught knitter, I have picked up a strange technique that makes knitting seem difficult, when I know it really isn't.
I hold the right needle with my hand over the top of it, and every time a cast a stitch I therefore have to drop the needle, pick up the yarn, do the stitch, then pick the needle up again, so on and so forth. Exceptionally tedious.
I'm a knitting newby so I don't expect to be a sewing demon, but surely there is a better way than what I'm currently doing.

Can someone offer me some help?


CurlyPops said...

I'm only a beginner too so I'm not much help but apparently if you get onto you tube and search, there are great video tutorials.

Serena said...

Hi Hannah, I'm also a gamy knitter. I'm left handed, and was taught by a right hander. So I look awkward. And am awkward. And also have to put the needle down..... So you're not alone...