April 13, 2008

Old Faithful.

This ancient looking beast is my old faithful sewing machine.

I always get asked why I don't go and get myself a new 'fang-dangled' one that 'does this' and 'does that', but why would I when this one works perfectly fine. It was my Grandmas machine, and I remember using it when I went over to stay with her when I was a kid on school holidays. So I have a bit of an attachment to it really.
Grandma went and bought herself the 'fang-dangled', rolls royce, u- bute top of the line machine, so this poor guy got put aside. However after dusting the cobwebs off it and giving it a small service, it runs as good as new and is now mine.

1 comment:

Sherrin said...

Hey there sister! Good to *see* you! ;o) Hooray for a trusty machine!! Looking forward to seeing what this guy can do! :o)