April 19, 2008

First Attempt

After putting 'B' down for her morning sleep, I start the day with my cuppa tea and check my emails, then head off on a morning adventure on the net looking for inspiring and interesting crafty pages/ blogs. Some pages are absolutely amazing for sewing and crafty ideas. On one of my recent web surfing adventures, I came across this tutorial for a shoulder bag.
Mind you, I hadn't whipped anything up on a sewing machine since my first year in high school. Uh-um not saying when that was. And since this bag looked fairly simple, I gave it a go, and came up with this. I just used some fairly bright material I had floating about the place.

The bag has now become a great material scraps bag. So much fits into it. And thinking that version 1 didn't turn out so bad, I promptly set out to get some material, and then came out with this bag.

I'm pretty chuffed with myself. Sewing...just like riding a bike.

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