September 23, 2008

tutorial tuesday

Not so much as tutorials today, but rather uses for 'yo-yo's'.

I was recently put onto another sewing gizmo- a 'yo-yo' maker. These things should seriously come with a warning.


I'm finding myself 'yo-yo making' in bed, in front of the TV, when the little one is asleep, in the car waiting for appointments, whenever I get a spare moment. But I have not planned what to do with these little cuties. So, after a bit of research, the following are uses for your 'yo-yo's'.

photo credit: I am susie

pony tail holders-
uppitydo daisies ponytail holders
photo credit: Julie Antinucci

hair clips-
photo credit: jilly bean designs

photo credit: hair fairy

embellishing purses & bags-
photo credit-b3designs

yo-yo close-up
photo credit: dorathy

Yo Yo bag
photo credit: skamama

photo credit: french knots

Yo yo quilt
photo credit: the tin thimble

And there are tonnes more uses for these nifty yo-yo's. But that is enough for one post. I'll do another yo-yo post another time.

See you next week with more fab tutes.

Hannah x


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Wow - that's a serious number of yo-yos :)

Have you seen the Clover flower yo-yo maker? Or the heart? But maybe I shouldn't be telling you about those, given your addiction!

Nikki said...

Ah HA! (She says, with an evil laugh...), You're one of US, now!!!

Yes - very, very addictive. But cute.

handmaiden said...

I am going to have to try some of these as I have a Yo Yo maker and some buttons!!

Bird Bath said...

Thanks for all the yo yo inspirations...
I have a 'few' I need to repurpose. Love the hair tye idea - I can make a dent in the self covered button collection at the same time :)