September 2, 2008

tutorial tuesday

pin cushions

Something I cannot live without.

Here are both your conventional pincushions, and some slightly different ones. I think the mouse one is so cute!

Box pincushion - Bari J
This was the first pincushion I made for myself. You'll see it here. This tutorial was really easy to follow and very straightforward.

Segmented pincushion- living creatively
I like the idea of a segmented pincushion. Sometimes I use various pins for marking and like to keep them separated from my other pins.

Tiny pincushion tutorial- how about orange
Cute and tiny.

Simple Square Pincushion- paper.string.cloth
A standard straightforward pincushion with a very easy pattern to follow.

Mouse pincushion - my byrd house
These are my favourite! The are so adorable, and would make a lovely gift for a fellow sewer. Another one for my never ending 'to do' list.

Come back next week to see more tutorials.

1 comment:

fiona said...

i love pincushions!!!thanks for mentioning my LC segmented pincushion:)