September 17, 2008

tutorial tuesday


Something that I have always wanted to try is fabric printing. But there is so many methods on how to do it.

Here are a few easy 'how to's' for basic printing at home.

lino/ block Printing- lizzy house (large PDF file)

A very simple and easy method of printing. All products required are available at your local 'Riot' art & craft store, and some bits and pieces can be found at Spotlight too (the bigger stores).

photo credit: lizzy house

cheap & easy screen printing- craft grrl

As the title says, cheap and easy- or so it looks anyway.

photo credit: craftgrrl

rolling pin printing- craft chi

An easy way to get a continuous pattern. Also a great one for the kids.

photo credit: craft chi

screen printing 2- instructables

This method is a little in depth than 'screenprinting 1' above. But still easy to do at home.

photo credit: tracy_the_astonishing

gocco printing 1- felt cafe

Now if we all had one of these-life would be much simpler! An easy home printing system for fabric, business cards... or just whatever. It's on the Christmas list for myself!

photo credit: felt cafe

gocco printing 2- the small object

And another gocco tute.
photo credit: the small object

See you all next week for some more great tutorials!

Hannah x


handmaiden said...

I'm saving this for a rainy day, something I want to try one day. thanks for doing all the links

Hoppo Bumpo said...

What great tutorials. I love the idea of screen printing with the glue and embroidery hoop. That's genius.

I'm trying out freezer paper stencilling too.

leslie said...

hey there, i have two more fabric printing tutorials for you - inkjet and leaf printing! fun and easy : )

Leni and Rose said...

I have to give this a go - I've been so wanting to do some printing, but didn't know where to start - now i do!!