July 6, 2008

This is...

... my most precious childhood possession.

As a toddler, my security blanket was a big piece of sheepskin called 'bye byes'. It got lugged around with me everywhere. Mum and dad obviously didn't want me carting this thing around for years, so they started cutting pieces off it making it smaller. They would say it shrunk in the wash. Eventually, I thought 'bye byes' just shrunk and disappeared.

These are the only pieces I have left of 'bye byes'. I think I must still have some attachment to these as I still cant bear to get rid of them after all these years. (yes mum, I still have them).

...my most precious childhood memory.

I loved my little brother to death when I was little. We're still good friends now.

Thanks to Teacups on Treetops for this weeks theme.


Leni & Rose said...

I also had a sheepskin security blanket! It was named "me me"!! Gorgeous photos of you and your brother, very cute!

danica said...

I had a sheepskin blanket too and used to take it everywhere with me! I have to admit it is still under my pillow...I just can't part with it :)

Love your childhood photos!

Danielle said...

Poor 'bye byes'! At least you still have a little bit of him. Those family photos are beautiful. So much love :)