July 30, 2008


So I finally worked out how to put press studs on- well my husband worked it out really. I was give a mixed bag of studs with no instructions and lets say, lots of swearing and cursing trying to figure how they go on.

They're to go on Little B's new bibs I created, as she has a tendency to pull off bibs with Velcro, and then thinks its funny that we scold her for taking it off. *hmph*
And it works. She cant take these bibs off! *yay*

This bib is very easy to make- so I'm toddling off to make some more.

If anyone is interested in measurements, let me know, and I'll put a post up.


Sherrin said...

Great bib, Hannah! :o) (Now I have the snap machine, I don't use these sorts of snaps anymore... do you want me to save them for you?)

Jenaveve said...

Hey, I just love this bib! I've never actually made one before... and I have a friend or two due very soon... maybe if you do a post and it isn't too tough I will give it a crack!

I really love the square shape, it sits so well on bubs (very cute!!) and the coloured binding too.

Leni and Rose said...

Yes please to measurements! It looks nice and big!

frannieannie said...

Studs can be difficult to use especially when you have misplaced the instructions........... Glad you could work it out. Luv the nice big bib.