April 5, 2009


On a weekend escape we did go,
to kickback, relax and take it slow.

To get in touch with nature again,
and a little tent to call our den.

A crackling fire to keep warm at night,
Cooking marshmallows- a simple delight.

So sad that our time must end,
but we'll be back- just don't know when.

A collection of photos from our weekend at the Grampians


Hoppo Bumpo said...

How beautiful! I love your words and photos. The Grampians is one of my very favourite places to visit.

Jenaveve said...

Nothing like a camp-out in the Grampians to inspire beautiful pics.

I've just caught up on your news about the name and template change - wow! I really love the new look. The earthy tones are great and the top banner is awesome. Shame you had to find out that way but you know, it's nice having a new look blog!

AMIT said...

Beautiful written.

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